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Hillbank Motorsports shop tour – PAS Magazine

Saturday, January 6th, 2007

My first shoot of 2007 was at Hillbank Motorsports / Superformance in Irvine, CA. While some of my shoots are from me sourcing the cars, this particular shoot was sourced from the sales department of PAS as Hillbank was a paying advertiser at the time. Hillbank produces replica Shelby Cobra kit cars for their buyers, with all manufacturing happening in house. I went to the facility and met with the staff, who gave me a tour of both their showroom and their warehouse. One of the biggest constraints of this shoot was that their showroom was very tight quarters, and the 1.6x crop factor on my 20D didn’t allow me to get the wider shots I would have preferred. Never the less, I’m happy with the way the shoot came out, and so was the client (PAS Magazine).

This spread ran in the July 2007 PAS Magazine. Click on the magazine for a preview of the spread.