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Wraptivo CLS and Vorsteiner BMW E92 M3

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

One of the exciting new trends in the automotive market is wrapping a car. It allows a consumer to change the color of the car relatively easily while preserving the OEM paint. Changing the color on a car can cost upwards of $4,000 or more and take a full week, while wrapping a car can often be done in an afternoon for less than $1,000. Meguiars has introduced a new product called Wraptivo, which is a series of designer car wraps that can be applied to any car. They have a bunch of cool colors and designs, but their flat colors have been the most popular in their pre-launch phase.

Through some phone calls, I was able to line up a pair of the cars for separate photoshoots. I met up with Peter from Vorsteiner and Brett Coca in Irvine where we cranked out both shoots in record time. For Peter’s BMW, we chose a commercial complex with a draub red tone to it, which should help add some contrast to the simple color spectrum of the BMW. When it came time to shoot Brett’s car, we simply moved down the street to another commercial area which included some blue tints, again providing some contrast against Coca’s car.

First up was Vorsteiner’s E92 M3, complete with an Active Autowerkes supercharger, full Vorsteiner aero and wheels, Brembo brakes, and a matte silver colored wrap. This car will be featured in Performance Auto and Sound magazine.

The second car was Brett Coca’s Mercedes CLS. If this car looks familiar, it’s probably because this car was originally white and built by RJ DeVera. DeVera sold the car to his good friend Coca, who changed the look up with a matte battleship grey wrap that really goes well with the black and carbon accents.

This feature hasn’t been comitted to anyone just yet, but has interest from several outlets.

Performance World car show – Toronto, ON

Sunday, March 13th, 2011

This year, I was given the unique opportunity to travel to Toronto, Ontario, Canada over the weekend of my birthday to visit a client of mine as well as hang out with some friends. My trip just so happened to fall on the same weekend as the annual Performance World event in Toronto. After a few phone calls, I arranged a media pass to check out the show and cover it for

The first thing I noticed walking into the event was the variety of cars. The front hall was filled with a dozen or two hot rods and top-notch vehicles. While I’m not much of a hot rod guy, these cars were awesome to look at.

The imports I’m used to were in the back of the show, clearly showing their place in the priority of the show management. None the less, the cars were pretty well done overall. This NSX shows a bit of the ‘new’, while the Civic is a taste of the ‘old’ I’m used to.

A Mercedes SLK is the polar opposite of many of the hotrods there, but I can’t help myself to be drawn to the lines of this sexy automobile. Of course, the flat gold wrap helped make this particular car stand out.

Once I got home, I sorted photos and threw together a quick article for the UrbanRacer site.

Performance World coverage on UrbanRacer